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Here is some useful information about the different worship services that take place at St Paul's.

If you are quickly looking to see what time our Sunday services are, they start at 10:30am

and a Creche and Junior Church is available.
Holy Communion is celebrated on the 1st Sunday of each month.

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Sunday Worship

Here you can discover more about our Sunday Services and download the Orders of Service.


Weddings & Blessings

Find out about getting married or having a blessing of your relationship at St Paul's (both same & opposite sex couples welcome!)


Online Worship

This is where you can find links to our Youtube worship videos,

live zoom, and downloadable pdf's of our services. 
Sunday worship is also available from the URC - find out more here:



Find out about a Funeral service at St Paul's, here:


Baptism & Thanksgivings

If you are interested in Baptism (Christening) or a Thanksgiving of a child or as an adult,

look here:


Daily Devotions

from the URC

Find out about the wonderful daily devotions available from the URC via email or facebook.

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